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RYSS Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides essential equipment and innovative solutions for the life science industry. We combine technology and business models, provide high-quality products at a reasonable cost, and supply fast solutions for entering the market. Our services include drug development, contract manufacturing, process development and marketing promotion.

Headquartered in R & D Center Shanghai Science and Technology Park of ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology), RYSS Tech is open to the worldwide market, and has an independent sales center in southern California in the United States. As a high-tech enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer services such as developing, producing and selling biochemical products. We specialize in the development and production of highly difficult value-added organic intermediates, special amino acids and pharmaceutical raw materials, as well as the synthesis and process development of various types of peptide drug compounds.

Biopharmaceutical Department

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Provides contract manufacturing services in biopharmaceutical upstream and downstream industry. We offer purification equipment and systems for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry. We also provide solutions for optimized production process, purification process, and more.

Synthesis Department

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Conducts research concerning chemical synthesis and purification technology, particularly in the development and production of high value-added intermediates, synthetic peptides and APIs used in medicine, life sciences and other fine chemical industries.
Instruments and Equipment Department

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Provides instruments and equipment for analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry and other life sciences.


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