Alltech 3300 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

Alltech ELSD

  • Single shunt detector, more convenient low temperature operation
  • Inherited Alltech ELSD 2000ES detector advantages.
  • Connection with Agilent1200 without digital-analog conversion interface, a perfect combination with Agilent1200 workstation software
  • Auto calibration of gas flow and temperature of the heater
  • Wizard of Chinese operating parameters, the instrument parameters can be automatically set after HPLC conditions are input
  • Accompanying spectrum display function is useful for pre-test
  • Specially designed front panel to facilitate the equipment maintenance.
  • Stainless steel drift tube, designed with thermal equalization device, ensure that the temperature is more accurate and more stable.

Alltech ELSD 3300 technical specifications:

Operating modes: bypass mode, low temperature operation.
Source: laser diode with optical correction system, 650nm, maximum output 30mw, in line with FCC safety standards ⅢB. Lamp life up to 30,000 hours, and the light intensity remains constant over the active life.
Optical trap: The Brewster angle light hydrazine effectively reduces background noise.
Drift tube heat equalization device design: Stainless steel drift tube, designed with thermal equalization device, ensure that the temperature is more accurate and more stable.
Maintenance is simple: without tools, hand tighten the can. Special connection design facilitates the spray head and drift tube cleaning.
Detection angle: photodiode detecting scattered light from the 90-degree angle. Avoids some manufacturers detector receptive greater than 90 degree angle from the refraction or diffraction light is detected, but also to avoid the detector when some manufacturers from less than 90 degree angle easily receives the reflected light is detected, which may produce a false signal drawbacks ʱ??
Parameter correction: gas flow and temperature of the heater contains automatic calibration feature that allows user ease of use.
Atomizing gas: 0-5L / min adjustable, built-in numeric constant flow meter control, without pressure changes.
Embalmed: detection cell and sensitive parts of Canada tetrafluoroethylene inert protective layer, greatly extending the life of the instrument, reducing the failure rate instrument.
Temperature range: room temperature to 120 ° C, the change in units of 1 ° C.
Detection limit: use standard column, SNR is 5 to hydrocortisone meter 5ng;
Atomizing gas: Nitrogen is better (can use air), the correction to 4.0L / min.
Spray pressure: 0-80PSIG, 60-80PSIG best.
Error correction system: there is a PC intelligent control and fix the gas flow rate, gas pressure, solvent pressure and temperature.
Power: 120 / 240V, 50 / 60HZ
Dimensions: 11.6 "high X10.3" wide X19.5 "deep (29.5cm high X26.2cm wide X49.5cm depth)
Weight: 35 pounds (16KG)
Aftermarket: one-year warranty, in the country with a better professional service network