Grace Alpha™ Columns (Patent Pending)

A New Silica Generation None

  • High-porosity surface increases mass transfer and results in increased column efficiencies and loading capacity
  • Dense core and highly spherical shape yields mechanically robust particle
  • Proprietary bonding technology gives unique selectivity and increased resolution
  • Ideally suited for scale up to prep applications

Extreme Porosity

High-porosity exterior increases mass transfer leading to higher efficiencies and superior loading capacity. The high-porosity structure adds an elastic quality to the silica surface allowing the particles to pack tighter yielding higher efficiencies. It also stabilizes the packed bed preventing voids.

Dense Inner Core

Dense core provides exceptional strength. Typically the high-porosity structure would result in a weak particle prone to breaking, but the Grace Alpha™ particle combines the high porosity outer region with a dense inner core that results in a particle that resists breaking and forming fines that contribute to high backpressures.


High Level of Resolution

GraceAlpha™ offers resolution advantages due to its higher mass transfer and optimized C18 and C8 bonding chemistry

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