Grace® VisionHT™ Ultra High-Pressure Columns

See Separations with Speed and Clarity

  • Ultra-fast separations with superior efficiency, sensitivity, and resolution
  • Exceptional stability for long column lifetimes
  • Comprehensive sub 2μm stationary phase offering
  • 12,000psig pressure rating compatible with all ultra high-pressure LC systems

Grace® VisionHT™ columns offer a new level of performance in HPLC. The powerful combination of high-strength 1.5μm media with ultra-low volume hardware, delivers new clarity to your separations and maintains exceptional column lifetime. Complex samples resolve 95% faster with 4x greater sensitivity when compared to traditional 2.1 x 150mm, 5μm columns. And with a wide variety of phases available, the possibilities are endless.

Grace VisionH 1

Efficiency and Retention Times Remain Constant after Exposure to 12,000psig and 2000 Injections
Grace VisionH 2

Comprehensive High Purity 1.5μm Selectivity Options

Sub 2μm particles deliver efficiency and speed, but critical to success is having the right stationary phase selectivity. Six VisionHT™ high purity phases are available, each with unique separation benefits. C18-HL, with maximum bonded phase coverage, is ideal for complex hydrophobic samples. Use C18-B for basic compounds at neutral pH, often a requirement for mass spec work in the pharmaceutical industry. Reserve the C18 and C18-P for fastest analysis times. Both offer increased polar interactions to make neutral, non-polar compounds elute faster and retain polar compounds longer. The HILIC and Silica packings are normal phases that typically use near exclusive organic mobile phases; an advantage when seeking highest mass spec sensitivity.

Grace HPLC_columns

VisionHT™ phases have exceptionally rigid silica structure that withstands routine use of 12,000psig pressure often required in this new technology. Reproducible silica synthesis, bonding and column packing guarantee low bleed and excellent column-to-column consistency.

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 1

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 2 Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 3

Unique Column Hardware Advantages

You can erode the benefits of sub 2μm media if packed in an inefficient column design. VisionHT™ hardware uses thin screens, instead of traditional frits, to retain media and minimize dead volume. A unique insert combination seals endfittings leak-free to 18,000psig. Various dimensions offer even more flexibility over analysis speed and resolution.

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 5

Grace VisionH Ultra High-Pressure Columns 4

The Best Value for Ultra High-Pressure Method Development—UltraMD Kits!

Whether developing a new method, or improving an existing analysis, the VisionHT™ Ultra MD kits can help optimize your separation. Get four reversed-phase columns with varying selectivity for the price of three, and develop your fast LC method fast!

VisionHT™ UltraMD Kits

  Phases Dimensions Part No.
UltraMD Kit 1 C18, C18-P, C18-HL, C18-B 2 x 100mm 5142692
UltraMD Kit 2 C18, C18-P, C18-HL, C18-B 2 x 50mm 5142693
UltraMD Kit 3 C18, C18-P, C18-HL, C18-B 1 x 50mm 5142691

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 6

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 7

Protect Your UHPLC Column Investment

The smaller diameters and finer porosity frits required in UHPLC creates a higher likelihood of column and system blockage. Trace contaminates not normally problematic for traditional LC, may now pose backpressure issues.

VisionHT™ guards protect your column to minimize down time and reduce cost. Two guard formats available: Integral and stand-alone. Couple the zero-dead volume integral guard directly to any VisionHT™ column, and realize absolutely no loss in efficiency. Use the stand-alone version to protect other manufacturers’ UHPLC columns, or as an on-line enrichment device.

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 10

No loss in efficiency.

VisionHT™ Integral Guard System

Replace existing endfitting with the integral guard endfitting. Change guard cartridges as necessary.

Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 8

Stand-Alone Guard System

In-line guard system expands applications beyond column protection.
Use as a sample enrichment device or to protect any uhplc commercially available column.

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Grace VisionHT Ultra High-Pressure Columns 11

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