Process Development

Development and Production of API raw materials

In order to facilitate the development and production of your drugs, we offer exclusive API raw materials and custom synthesis process development services to ensure continuous supply of your product after marketization.

Custom Synthesis

Our synthetic chemists’ daily work is to synthesis reference compounds, intermediates, candidate product for customers, its scale varies from mg to kg level (GLP). Our team is proficient in the design and optimization of new route. We have completed several difficult compounds development and technology optimization.

Meanwhile we can provide you with high value-added compounds:

API Organic Reactive Intermediates

Special Amino Acid

process development

Our production and technology team  is not only good at optimizing existing routes, more adept at amplifying the production of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Our process R & D team can provide the entire process including route development, pilot production, optimization and large scale production.At the same tiome, we are committed to process development, optimization and characterization of impurities of organic intermediates, special amino acids, peptide pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical compounds with difficult technical barriers and high value-added.

Ryss Tech offers a variety of process development services, including:

  • Pocess development of compound`s mass production
  • Development of new synthetic routes, and used for large-scale production
  • Production process optimization, reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Exploration and  amplification production of laboratory scale and pilot scale tests
  • Assessment of the key process parameters
  • Transfer of the process technology

Purification Process

Ryss Tech, equipped with complete set of foreign brand instrument (Biotage Flash Chromatography, Novasep HPLC etc.) and experienced R & D team, is committed to the purification process development services in the pharmaceutical industry. We guarantee that the development processes are reproduceable, scalable, and  verifiable of commercialization. The exclusive DAC axial compression and multi-column continuous chromatography technology can help our customers solve high-barrier, difficult purification process issues.

Our process R & D team can provide the entire process including route development, pilot production, optimization and large scale production.

RYSS process development 2

Large-scale purification

          Purification of chiral and non-chiral

          FC, HPLC, MPLC, Varicol and SMB platform

          The ability to separate kilograms of materials per day

Chiral Separation

          Development of Chiral Separation Methods

          Milligram chiral separation

          A large number of(several kilograms) Chiral Separation

          Chiral compounds e.e. values

          Research of the purified racemic enantiomer

Preparative chromatography

          High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

          Industrial Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Systems

          Multi-columns circulation chromatography(Varicol and SMB)

          Medium and low pressure preparative liquid chromatography

Advanced Purification Technology

          Crystalline and multi-state control, distillation, membrane filtration (nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration), spray drying