Standard Biochromatography Solutions:

Prochrom®-Bio Columns
Packing & Unpacking Stations
Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Systems

Biochromatography Offering for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

For more than 25 years, we have been recognized as a leader in chromatography solutions. We design, manufacture, use and sell optimized preparative chromatography systems based on innovative and proven technologies for your biopharmaceutical purification applications. Our biochromatography solutions are available from lab to process scale.
We offer single units and complete systems including:

LP 1000

Shorter Time-to-Market
Our process expertise enables us to reduce upstream and downstream development times using advanced methodologies including, where applicable, proprietary computer modeling tools.

Regulatory Compliance
The biopharmaceutical industry cannot compromise when it comes to quality and patient safety. Our solutions comply with all regulatory and quality requirements. They ensure the highest quality and safety levels while optimizing purity and yield and also adhering to the FDA PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) guidelines.

Increased Production Capacities
Our downstream processing (DSP) solutions offer unique features that help develop the optimum bioprocess to match your upstream process performance. Our DSP solutions are ideally suited to all demanding purification steps such as capture, intermediate purification and polishing.

Range of Biochromatography Solutions

We offer a complete range of biochromatography solutions including columns, packing & unpacking stations and chromatography systems to match the requirements of your biochromatography step.
All our equipment has sanitary design and is fully compatible with GMP operations (includes FAT/SAT and a full documentation package). Our equipment complies with EC directives (DESP guidance) and conforms to ASME
code of construction.

Column Name Column
Diameter (mm)
Max Bed
Volume (L)
Packing & Unpacking
Hipersep-Bio System
Hipersep-Bio System
LP150.500.VE 5 150 8 PU S Pilot 1 - 50
LP200.500.VE 5 200 12 PU S S 1 - 150
LP300.500.VE 5 300 32 PU S S 1 - 150
LP450.500.VE 5 450 70 PU S/M M 20 - 500
LP600.500.VE 5 600 125 PU M M 20 - 500
LP800.350.VE 5 800 150 PU M/L L 50 - 1200
LP1000.350.VE 5 1000 230 PU L L 50 - 1200
LP1200.350.VE 5 1200 330 PU L XL 200 - 3000
LP1400.350.VE 5 1400 450 PU L XL 200 - 3000

Prochrom®-Bio Columns

Prochrom®-Bio columns are the result of Novasep’s experience in developing, supplying and operating cGMP processes using preparative and process-scale high performance and low pressure liquid chromatography columns. Prochrom®-Bio columns’ unique design includes a hydraulically actuated piston and specially designed packing/unpacking valves to provide consistent and optimum performance. The time required to pack and unpack Prochrom®-Bio columns is drastically reduced when using Novasep’s automated packing & unpacking station. This unique packing & unpacking station along with its specific procedure enable the fastest operation and the most reproducible results. Prochrom®-Bio columns’ performance is maximized when used in conjunction with our Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio chromatography systems.

Prochrom-Bio page picture 2

The same technology at all sizes

Superior performance

Packing & Unpacking Stations

We offer 3 models of packing and unpacking stations adapted to the column size. These stations provide:

Prochrom-Bio PU S

Resin Column Bed Height
AmberchromTM GC300 LP1000 10 10 1200
Phenyl SepharoseTM FF 90 μm LP1000 12 12 2900
Q SepharoseTM FF LP1000 12 12 2500
Q SepharoseTM FF LP600 30 22 3100
SP SepharoseTM FF LP150 15 15 2500
DEAE 650 M LP150 15 15 4120
Fractogel® LP150 14 15 3200
Fractogel® LP300 22 20 2400
Fractogel® LP1200 14.5 15 3800
Heparine SepharoseTM CL6B LP1400 12 22 2100

Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Chromatography Systems

Our fully automated Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio LPLC systems are designed for process development, pilot-scale and production-scale downstream processing. Scalability is ensured using the same design from lab to large
industrial units.
Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio systems suit any biochromatography columns and offer maximum performance with Prochrom®-Bio columns for bed volumes from 1 to 450 L and column diameters from 150 mm to 1,400 mm I.D.
Their proven design will meet your specific process needs:

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Prochrom-Bio p p 5

Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Systems
Standard Features Pilot S M L XL
Flow Rate Range (LPH) 1 - 50 1- 150 20 - 500 50 - 1200 200 - 3000
Pressure Rating (bar) 5
Pressure Rating (bar) High performance, PAT-compliant in-line dilution
Fraction Collection 5 to 10 valves, multiple automated fraction collection modes
Detection Air, pressure, pH, conductivity, UV
Control System Siemens WinAC platform - iFix SCADA

Automation - Hipersep® SE-Bio

Prochrom-Bio pp6

Hipersep® SE-Bio control software provides automated and safe operations of the solvent module under cGMP conditions:

Hipersep® SE-Bio software provides user-friendly, secure, traceable chromatography processes. Main functions include: