Prochrom® DAC Columns by Novasep

Preparative chromatography columns - optimum performance guaranteed

1 Product description

The LC80.600.VE100 preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) column is designed for cGMP operation. Any type of packing material can be used to fill the column provided the proper packing pressure is chosen to avoid destruction of the particles. It can be operated with the most common solvents used in chromatography. The column module is composed of the column itself and its compression system mounted on a stainless steel frame.
Internal Diameter (mm) 80
Maximum Bed Length (mm) 350
Operating pressure (bar) 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 5 to 60
Compression feature Dynamic Axial Compression
Slurry inlets 1
Weight (kg) 85
H (mm) 1883
Footprint (m²) 0.352

Although Prochrom® DAC column can be connected to any pumping system, performance is maximized when used in conjunction with our Prochrom® Hipersep chromatography systems.

2 Product Specifications

Column Column Tube 
The internal diameter of the column tube is 80 mm. The standard surface roughness of the column tube ID is 0.4 μm (15.7 μ inches). The external finish is approximately 1.6 μm (63 μ inches).
Piston and Flange
The piston and flange of the column contain a woven mesh frit (2μm nominal porosity) and a flow distributor to provide even distribution of the liquid (”plug flow”) over the cross section of the packed bed. The finish of the wetted surface roughness of the piston and flange is approximately 0.8μm (30 μ inches)
The flange is sealed to the column tube with a FEP encapsulated "O"-ring and held in place with a quick release chain. The piston is sealed to the column tube with a PTFE seal. The other seals are PTFE, FEP encapsulated.
The piston’s frit is cooled down with liquid nitrogen (or carbon dioxide ice) in order to shrink it. Back at room temperature, the frit expands and fits tightly to its housing.
Hydraulic Jack
The hydraulic jack is mounted above the column tube. The hydraulic jack has a stroke length of 600 mm, which allows the user to pack beds of variable lengths. The hydraulic jack exterior is made of stainless steel.
Hydraulic pump An air driven amplification pump is used to pressurize the oil. This pressurized oil is used to move the piston down or up. The oil pressure is proportional to the air supply pressure in static conditions (piston not moving).
Oil distributor Manual 4-way ball valve used to controll the piston’s motion (up, down, stop).
Pressure gauge Pressure gauge indicating the oil pressure. This indication is used to determine the bed compression.
Relief valve Oil pressure relief valve to protect the column in case of an accidental over-pressure.
Safety switch Pneumatic switch to stop the air supply on the hydraulic pump in case of the hand protection cover is not installed on the column.
Pressure Regulator Air pressure regulator to set the air pressure supply to the pneumatic amplification pump. The air pressure is linear with the oil pressure.
Filter Breather filter for the oil reservoir.
Oil reservoir Reservoir for the hydraulic oil with 4 L capacity.