Pack-n-Sep™ 50/80

Preparative HPLC Column

Novasep Process announces the launch of its "Pack-n-Sep™ 50/80", a new series of preparative HPLC
Pack-n-Sep™ 50/80 is the ultimate preparative chromatography column, ideally suited for purification of grams to 100's of grams.

It combines both the advantages of a 50 mm i.d. Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column and of a device capable of packing multiple
columns that can be used separatly with HPLC, SMB or Varicol® systems.


The new Novasep Process Pack-n-Sep™ series offer unmatched advantages for medicinal and process development chemists such as:
- Fastest packing / unpacking device on the market in less than 5 minutes
- Compact design for user-friendly handling: capability to pack beds of up to 27 cm in a 34-cm long column
- Unrivalled reliability as most critical parts are the same as in the market leader Prochrom ® LC50 column
- Versatility: shorter (for SMB) or longer (for HPLC) columns are packed with the same packer
- Smart design as one packer can support numerous columns to meet lab's needs at a cost effective price.
- High efficiency: Pack-n-Sep™ can be used attached to the packer in DAC mode for applications demanding very high column efficiency
and long-term bed stability.

They can also be used separately in non-DAC mode, with a unique feature for readjusting the packing pressure, and hence the efficiency, in

Pack-n-Sep™ is ideally suited for Hipersep® LAB, fully automated preparative HPLC systems and Varicol® LAB continuous multicolumn
chromatography systems.
Novasep Process specializes in solving purification challenges, from laboratory to large industrial production. We offer solutions for producing
pure products, from process development to optimization; and from the supply of laboratory purification equipment to the delivery of turn-key
purification plants.
Novasep Process purification solutions are based on chromatography, ion exchange, membranes, crystallization, evaporation, reactions and
downstream processes thanks to the collboration of its 3 units: Novasep SAS (Chromatography and Crystallization solutions to pharmaceutical
companies), Applexion (Chromatography, Ion exchange to the Foods and Biotech market) and Orelis (membrane cross flow filtration).