GHP07SC classic heating stirrer

Widely used in chemical, biochemical and biomedical research, one of the most important laboratory instruments

GHPclassical heating magnetic agitator

Product highlight:

Heating plate is made of aluminum alloy, as compared to a ceramic heating plate, it`s heat transfer is more efficient, the heating time is shortened, and it is difficult to be damaged or embrittled

With long life high torque brushless DC motor

Built-in overheat protection system, once the system temperature is too high, the power is auto off, it guarantees safety.

The maximum heating temperature is up to 350 ℃

Maximum speed is up to 1500rpm

Technical Parameters:

Model GHP07SC
Heating plate size (mm) 180*180
Heating plate material Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
Speed range (rpm) 0 - 1500
Capacity (H2O) 20L
Temperature range (℃) r.t. - 350
Temperature stability (℃) ±3
Heating Power (W) 600
Dimensions W * D * H (mm) 200*270*100
Weight (Kg) 3.5
Power 220V/60Hz